"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

October 3, 2011

Doing The Right Thing...

Alright, October here we are!  Time is really relative when you find yourself in a great place.  Yes, it seems as though time moves at a quicker pace when you are an adult.  However, time is still time and while we are living within our daily routines, schedules, social calendar, and all and everything that occupies our days and nights, we really still have time to do what we find as important to us.

I had a conversation with a close friend this morning and as always our interactions are insightful, informative, and supportive/positive for each other.  We got on the topic of the pain and suffering that is often exposed and presented in our current society and culture.  All you have to do is turn on the news, read a paper, and quite often walk out your front door to see it all transpire.   We both agreed that much of a persons (man and woman) behaviors/actions are influenced by the culture they grew up in, the socialization they may have been influenced by, the challenges they may of never embraced, dealt with etc.  We both agreed that one's decision making (and outcomes as a result) is often influenced by one's Capability vs. Ability.  Furthermore, you add in life stressors, which can include financial worries, abusive/toxic relationships, stressful/unfulfiling work environments, and many other factors that can really lead a person towards poor choice(s) and decision making, which in turn leads to negative outcomes and consequences as a result.

This conversation (and these words that follow) was influenced by the recent exposure and reports of abuse in local corrections. It made me reflect on an experience (personal & professional) that I have witnessed on many occasions.  When someone calls themselves a "Professional" or is in a position of power/control (perceived or not), influence, providing services, etc., it does not mean that they are healthy, in control, together, and all and everything that supports someones ability to do the right thing without thinking...  This is important for all of us to embrace and understand.  It is important because our culture and way(s) of thinking (i.e. Ideologies) really can socialize and condition us to believe that these "Professionals" can support, guide, and help all of us move closer to changing for the better, and the goal of moving closer to living a healthy existence.   I really wish this was a reality more than not, and by no means am I being pessimistic/negative in my observations or assessment.  It is what it is!

Yes, it is based on my lens, one that I have (and will continue to) worked very hard to craft.  When I speak, I do not just spew words. When I speak I do so when I feel there is a need, and when I feel I can help others change for the better. When I speak I can validate and substantiate my words by real examples, observations, and facts.  It is important for me to clarify this.  As I have written about previously often one's interpretation (of the written word) is their opinion, one that is based on their experience (s) and life learning.  Well, that is not my experience, and thus my writing is not influenced by others experiences (per say).  If you haven't seen it yet I have lived some life and my only mission here is to help others learn through my eyes, so they can move closer to changing for the better. This is not a platform for me that says "look at me and do everything I do."  That's not possible your life is yours and mine is mine, but everything I speak to is everything I practice, and much of what I have personally and professionally observed in striving to help others move forward in a positive manner. I have a good life.  One filled with love, respect, opportunity and the quality of life that allows me to walk with my head up, and strength in my heart and my mind! This in itself has much to do with the influence and motivation behind my choice and passion to help others change for the better.

So, what advice and encouragement can I provide...  Use this as an opportunity to learn, to understand, to motivate and inspire yourself to live a quality of life that is right, fair, kind towards others, and most importantly, one that can and will allow you to rise each day believing its going to be a great day.  Even if this day is met with challenges and obstacles, you embrace them as best as you can, you allow yourself to reinforce that you can get through these challenges, and when you do, you will realize that life is going to be OK, it really is!

You Don't Have To Think About Doing The Right Thing.  If You're For The Right Thing, Then You Do It Without Thinking.
Maya Angelou


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