"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

March 23, 2012

When You Forgive You Live - Part 2

I came across a video today (its posted on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/DJcanyouhearme) that inspired me to write about forgiveness one more time.  Today's post is a little different than the post written back in November 2011 (with the same title) in content, but the outcome that I want you to embrace when one forgives is much the same.  Some say that when you forgive you allow yourself to let go of the unnecessary pain and suffering you've been holding on to.  By doing so you give yourself a better opportunity to move forward in a healthy and positive way.  Some say that when you embrace forgiveness, your way of life will change a part of your lens, and you won't walk through life the same, only better.  Well, depending upon your own experience with forgiveness I would only hope that you are able to understand this, and if not I only hope that you will someday allow yourself to get there.  Whatever it may be that one can hold on to, it is only causing more harm than not.  I hear you, can't seem to let go of what you associate with the cause of your pain and suffering, you keep telling yourself  "I've been done wrong!" We must recognize that the only one that is truly suffering as a result is ourselves. It's very important to hear those words "the only one that truly suffers is ourselves."  The root or cause of your pain does not suffer anymore or less when you hold on to it, and this is where your focus must be.  Do I want to move forward in a healthy manner, with positive outcomes and opportunities in the future?  Or, do I want to continue to suffer, and most likely create a direct course for negative outcomes and challenges along the way?

I write today about forgiveness because I am a recipient of the world that awaits when you forgive.  I am also the recipient of someone who has lived through the struggle to understand how to, why I should, and all that goes in to the obstacles and barriers that we can create for ourselves in the process.  However, when I did the work, had the courage to embrace what I could not change, I was able to understand and open the door.  I was able to begin the process of forgiveness, and it is a process as I believe that the road to and through forgiveness takes time, there are stages, it evolves as you do...  So, to all those that can hear me, if you are tired of the pain and suffering that you continue to endure, what would be the best option for you?  I know, I know, "you don't get it, it is not that easy."  Let me say it is more difficult when we make it more difficult by often creating the worst possible outcome, which is nothing more than one setting themselves up to fail because of ones own fear.  The reality often is more relief and acceptance, versus the discomfort or pain you may have always imagined being the case.  I'm talking from the heart here, but more importantly I am talking from the understanding and experience that imprisoned me in such a detrimental way, until, until I was able to forgive, that is when I was able to live!  You be well out there, be strong, stand up, and stay up!!!


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    1. So sorry about the late reply this comment seemed to slip by us. Thank you for the kind words of support and for coming across Can You Hear Me? No matter how you arrived we are glad you did and hope you stay with us, may this find you well!