"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

October 17, 2011


Can you relate to that feeling when you have pushed your body to a point of...  Let me explain.  This past weekend I hiked up to Mt. Wilson http://tchester.org/sgm/places/mt_wilson.html  with some friends, a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the city limits, and breathe in the beauty and calmness of nature.  It was a 14 mile hike (round trip) up to the top of Mt. Wilson, with the first 7 miles taking you up up and away.  Hiking over the years has become a very healthy part of my existence.  Fortunately, I live in a state and region where the weather and accessibility is conducive to, something I embrace.  When I venture into a hike it allows me to slow down, breathe, and really connect with nature.  This has not always been the case for me.  I didn't grow up being exposed to hiking.  In fact, I really didn't engage until well into my adult years.  However, once I found this opportunity I have gained so much from.  Whether I am in my homeland (or abroad), exploring on the trails, so far removed from the responsibilities of life, or the challenges that often slow us down from moving forward, I found an escape.  A healthy opportunity for my body, mind, and inner peace.  I have gained so much from hiking, in a manner I feel has allowed me to heal, cope, process, and all and everything that an act as such can provide...

I remember the early days when life didn't seem so right.  I would often escape to the courts, me and my ball, a time that also allowed me to cope, process, and in my heart move forward.  There is a reason that physical activity/exercise is promoted heavily for one's physical and emotional well being.  It has many benefits as we have come to understand.  As a young boy/adolescent I really couldn't fully embrace this.  You go out there and compete, play, try to fit in and be included.  I never really thought "this is good for me?"  If anything it was "man what am I doing, what am I going to do, where do I go from here?"  Years later I may still have that conversation, but now I have the tools and skills to figure it out, and so I do.  I encourage everyone to find that escape (healthy) that will allow you time to release, disconnect, and as I often say "Breathe and Exhale."  Our environment (living) has many opportunities available to be healthy, ones that are not financially consuming.  They are out there right in front of us, you just have to be available and willing to engage.  Today I shared two of them that have helped me much over the years, at two different points in my life and world.  Without these activities I really don't know how I would have been able to move forward, and for that I am always thankful.  Until we meet again be strong, stand up and stay up!

We Must Always Change, Renew, Rejuvenate Ourselves; Otherwise We Harden.
Johann von Goethe

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