"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

June 13, 2012

It Never Stops!

Good day to all of those that can here me as we move through another week.  I hope the days have allowed you all to be productive and positive, while doing all you need to in order to be well.   Today, I wanted to share and reflect about something that we can all relate to, and if you can not, there is always time to add to your self awareness.  I have been immersed into a project for the last 4-5 months, one that has needed my intention, focus, patience, and effort.  It is something that I was invested in, something that will eventually lead to some professional goals and opportunities presenting themselves. To say there were not several moments that created some stress and anxiety (mostly from myself), I would be kidding both of us.  As I do, and as I often share with all of you I embraced these moments, utilizing my well-being skills, maintaining my self-care needs, and reaching out to my supports when it was necessary.  All of the things that can and do help us when we are immersed into that consumption.  I would allow myself the opportunity to reflect, process, and embrace where I was at.  Often,  I would recognize that I was making more out of something that I could not control, understanding that where my mind shifted to sometimes was an area that was not beneficial to my overall wellness.  So, I managed it and told myself that everything will be fine, everything will work itself out.  I am prepared, I am ready, I am well, and whatever outcome awaits I will accept it and move forward with it.

Well, the outcome that I had hoped for happened and I was very pleased.  I was also quite exhausted as this was something I was carrying with me for several months.  What I knew then and what  I want to express to you all is that now that this task is complete, it does not mean that there is not something else waiting for me that will provide a similar experience or challenge.  There always is, and no matter how challenging or consuming it can be, how you manage, cope, and move through it really matters.  It matters because it reinforces all that it took to get through the previous experience (or challenge) will be needed again, and again, and again.  You see, it never stops. You may tell yourself  "man, once I get through this everything will be so much easier."  Well, you can tell yourself this but is it ever really easy?  Being honest with what life affords, and the message I am trying to once again share is that when you are well, you still face challenge, uncertainty, and difficulty, but your ability to manage this state while your are immersed into it, and your ability to recover from it are what allows you to breathe and move forward.  I didn't stop taking care of myself during the process, and once the process was done I am still doing it.  For example, I am having a pretty busy week, but today I still found the time to hit the gym, work it out, run a 5K and then get back to work.  So, in closing recognize that the cycle never stops, when one door closes another opens, and the house you are living in will always need some repairs and fixing.  You have the tools and skills to fix it, and with this you provide yourself shelter and coverage, understanding that at the end of the day you know you are safe and protected.

You be well to yourself, and may the days ahead embrace you with the quality of life that you deserve to have.  Keep walking with your head up and heart open, and you will move closer to...

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