"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

May 2, 2012

Practice What You...

As it goes so do we.  Today, I am reflecting on how my current schedule has taken me into a much busier existence.  For the last several days I have had plenty to do, much learning to digest, many tasks at hand.  I'm launching and maintaining a business, studying for my LCSW exam, recently hired as a Field Instructor for MSW students, and looking for P/T work in a clinical setting, and that doesn't even include my down time.  I'm diversified as they say, and that is a good thing as it all pertains to helping and supporting others, which as we know, when you give you receive.  I'm excited and engaged by the work, and by no means do I view this period as stressful or taxing.  However, as we all must embrace when our schedules are filled , it may not feel as though it is stressful or demanding, but...  Our physical and emotional well-being can be put into a vulnerable spot when we don't even see it coming.  The unconscious forces have a way about themselves.  This is something that I am mindful of, and something that motivates me to make sure that I take care of myself no matter what.  So, as I felt the demands over the last few, I made sure I was acting accordingly, balancing as best as I could, and staying true to my word!

My word and all that I bring into this platform that I share with all those that can hear me is:  in order to serve those in need in a positive, effective, and sustainable manner we must be well as the professionals providing the services and support.  What does this mean?  It means much, and it takes much, and if you are reading this and you are confused, CALL ME!  As change agents we are in the position to help others change for the better in a life changing, life transforming manner.  That is a powerful position to be in, and not the power based on control, fear, or any type of $ amount one may have.  No, we as change agents have a part in helping someone in need live the a quality of life that they want to, but often can't get to on their own.  A life that doesn't include abuse, violence, neglect, mental illness, incarceration, homeless, addiction, and on, and on.  Now, if you are in a position to help facilitate change for those dealing with these risk factors and you are not well, do I even need to explain.  The lesson today is practice what you speak to, the only way is to model it and live it, demonstrating what well-being looks like.  When I found myself on the go and running today I stopped, took a pause, three deep breaths and I went to the gym.  A place where I can put the headphones on,  music in my ears,  and disappear for a few while I release the strain.  Most importantly a place where I can breathe.  As you move forward I ask you to embrace the wisdom that has become knowledge based on personal experience.

Until we meet again be strong out there, walk with your head up and heart open and it will lead you down the right path.  Can You Hear Me?

"To learn, read, To know, write. To master, teach."~ Unknown

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