"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

May 16, 2012

Just Like That

Working toward progress, how about you?  Today has been all about that!  The focus has been on the psychological and emotional needs, you know those, the ones that can consume if you are not aware, finding you overwhelmed and compromised.  This is where I found my week beginning, in a manner that pushed me towards challenge.  It seemed like my friends, the ones known as "stressors"  all wanted to hang out with me at the same time.  The only problem here is that I wasn't available or ready to have this engagement.  Isn't that how it works though?  If it was the opposite than perhaps we could prepare for them, but that is not the way it often comes.  I get that, and I am so glad that I have acquired the necessary coping skills, and a healthy lifestyle that promotes well-being.  When you have this going on you can embrace these friends in a much more manageable way.  I'm aware of this, but as we all are human, when they come at once they still have an effect.  So, as I was working through it, recognizing what was not healthy, what I could control, and how I had to keep moving forward with action and purpose I found my opening, and a way back on the path that has my back.

It's always  a process, and one that changes direction when it wants to.  Let me explain it like this.  I knew how I was feeling, I knew the sources of what was influencing this, and I knew how to take the necessary steps to manage and get through it.  However, this doesn't change how it all affects and effects your feelings, state of mind, energy, confidence, motivation, ambition, and on and on.  Therefore, the process is all of it: recognizing, addressing, and working through it.  This is the homework that you don't always enjoy doing, but you know without it you are not improving or getting any closer to a positive outcome.  This is what I know to be true and what I will always model and speak to.  IF YOU DON'T DO THE WORK YOU DO NOT CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!  I know capitals are associated with shouting, but I'm not a shouter so in this case think of these words based on their importance and not their intensity.  As always I hope I have left you with an opportunity to learn, one you can identify with, relate to, and gain from.  This writing is all about the experiential practice, something that is too vital to miss, but always available.  No matter where you are at, or what you may be going through at those times when you least expect it, you will get through it and when you do that is when you move forward to that place that welcomes you unconditionally.

I leave you with the story of 9 year old Caine Monroy, brought my way by someone who holds a very special place in my heart.  I may be the last person in this world we are living in to hear about Caine's story, but none the less I am glad that I did.  It put a smile on my face while giving me strength in my heart.  Another fine example of the spirit of our youth and how they hold the key to many lessons and opportunities for perspective enjoy! http://cainesarcade.com/  Until we meet again you be well to your day and your day will be well to you!

"There is a solution to every problem as long as you don't fear the path to the solution."

~ Alonzo Mourning

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