"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

May 9, 2012

If You Can Really...

Glad to be back it has been a few.  Writing is such a wonderful tool to express, release, and share what truly resides in that place that we carry with us throughout our days, within our thoughts, dreams, and outcomes yet to come.  Writing for me captures all of that.  When I write my heart opens up, it breathes, and in turn the words come out with ease.  When my fingers hit the keys they move in stride with intention and purpose, in a manner that helps me rise up and speak.  Today, I want to share some thoughts that have been with me over the last few days.  I have been out there networking, meeting and collaborating, and sharing what I am striving to provide. I am living and breathing my passion, and the desire I have to help in a manner that is uniquely different for some to digest.  Let me explain.  You see, when you have such a clear vision and understanding of what your mission and goals are, it makes complete sense to you.  However, the part that is not so clear and certain is how others will interpret what you are sharing and providing.  Furthermore, if it's not something that they have heard before, have had involvement with, or see the purpose of, well then.  I can see this when I speak to it, I can feel it.  It is part of the process and it is not something I am running from, but quite honestly I am embracing with my head up and my heart open!

Although at times it is a challenge to not know when the opening will come.  Wondering when I will see the fruits of my efforts and preparation put into action?  However, I don't spend too much time trying to figure this out because I know it will happen when it is meant to, and in the mean time I have to continue to put it out there.  I have to continue to trust where I am at while I work on my craft.  I must stay present and always hold on to the reality, my reality that I am working towards progress.  After all, I am a work in progress and every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow.  If you haven't noticed yet my writing is my opportunity to model exactly what I am experiencing myself.  There is not a day that goes by where I am not adding to my goal of  empowering and supporting others to change for the better, so that they can help others in a manner that they never knew was possible.  If I have lost you let me help you find the way by saying this.  If you are out there working hard to provide to others (that are in such need of help) and you keep hitting the wall, but you can't figure out what you are doing wrong? You got the assessment down, behavior no problem, good with interventions, you've crossed everything off the list, what else is there?  Well there is always more, the profession of helping others is an evolving and learning field of service.  Point being, there is always more to learn and incorporate into your practice. Of course your clients bring much into the equation, but what I am helping you focus on is what you may be bringing in right along with them.  That list and how you may feel it helps you practice is one small part of how one can help another in need.  You see, when you are providing service to those in need, if you are not self-aware and well yourself you Can Not help someone else in a manner that has any opportunity of becoming effective or sustainable. So, if you are not available and present it is fair to say that you are not taking care of you.  One way to figure this one out for yourself is to know the difference, because when you are available and present you are in that place where you can truly feel and see the suffering of those you are trying to reach.  You are willing to ask the questions you have to ask.  In this space you clearly see how the dots connect, and the outcome is not your immediate focus?  Now everything you have in your toolbox comes naturally and instinctively, you hear me?  This conversation will continue as it should but for now I will stop here.

I thank you as always for allowing me the opportunity to open my heart and share.  I thank you for allowing me to reflect, and by doing so I am empowered in a manner that validates the words of Cornell West that I have come to understand "Go on. Move on. Do what needs to be done. Care for those who require care. Spread love wherever you walk. Spread love whenever you talk."  May this find you all well and as you move through your week striving to do what is right, keep walking with your head up and heart open, and it will come to you...


  1. Daniel, how incredible that I chose to stay up a little and read your blog. Your words were the echo of what I had heard an hour before. This was not from a social worker or mental health counselor, but from a woman who has known my youngest daughter all of my daughter's life. She's our pediatrician. My daughter will be 16 tomorrow. She is quite a lovely and sensitive young lady. She has been struggling with her weight and during the physical she was sobbing. When the doctor walked in she didn't know what was wrong. I took a step back as I was in the role of "mother" and allowed this medical professional to speak and what I heard melted my heart. This was not a doctor lecturing a teenager about her weight, but giving her the gift of what people in our profession do every day. She was empowering my daughter to continue to try. If one way of losing weight was not working than there were other ways and she should keep trying. "Don't give up." "You can do anything that you set your mind to. I know because I've known you since you were born and I've watched you grow into the incredible young lady I see." Perhaps this may not make sense to some, but I get it and I get what your message is. It's not necessarily through words that makes a change, but a series of actions. It's continuing to do what we do that brings about the change. This doctor gets it too. She could have used a different perspective about weight, but she chose to empower and uplift my daughter to help her and support her in reaching her goal. Great writing from you once again. It's a pleasure to read and ponder. Regards, Michelle

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, message, and opportunity to further illustrate what I was speaking to. Often as providers it is easy to get caught up and focused on the outcome, and what we think we need to do (i.e. interventions, techniques, etc.) to accomplish this. However, one of the best interventions (approach) is being available and present, honest and empathic, and patient and understanding that change will come when they are ready. What we add to this equation needs to always be helpful and supportive. We empower others by listening, encouraging, and instilling hope that what may be interpreted as "impossible" is always possible. I believe this is what you were witness to with your daughter, if so that is an opening on the right path towards change for the better. May this find you well.