"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

April 12, 2012

Why Is It So...

Why is it so difficult to explain to others in the non-helping world what it is you really do?  I know I am not alone in this one and so I digress.  You know that moment in time when you are having a conversation, and the person you are engaging with asks "what is it you do?"  The challenge here is not what you will say, but the fact that you have already explained it before.  First, you may think OK here we go again, I'm gonna have to really help this person (who thinks in dollars and cents) that my work is rooted in the rewards received from helping others change for the better.  This doesn't mean I don't need  a paycheck.  What it means is that my work is not rooted or motivated from financial gain, but in the joy I achieve when I am able to help others  in need sort through and break free, empowering and moving them closer to positive change.  You see, when you help someone else improve the quality of their life, you receive as well.  I know its hard for many to embrace this, especially if their concern is primarily for themselves. 

It's one of the job description categories that they forget to tell you, you're going to have to repeatedly define your work to all those who just don't see what you do.  You learn real quick when you embark into this field that you will spend some time defining what it is you do, and perhaps at times defending it as well.  How you choose to go about doing so will be up to you.  I hope you choose to do it the right way.  Don't take it personal, don't be defensive, share from your heart and the place that brought you in to this field.  And when the person receiving this starts to fidget or becomes visibly distracted, know when to shut it down while also allowing yourself to know that it takes an authentic person to be able to provide the service that you have committed yourself to.  Let this shared conversation motivate you and your practice, allowing for another learning opportunity, one that can reaffirm Why It Is So!  This post is not directed at any one individual, so if you interpret it any other way than what was intended, all I can say is that I'm not mad at you we all choose our own way, but I am thankful to have this forum to express.  May this find all those that can hear me well.  I am with you on this path, stay strong, stand up and stay up!

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