"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

April 16, 2012

Just Do Your Best

The theme of the day is the action we create when we just do our best.  Think about these words for a moment, "just do your best." You've heard them before from friends, family, teachers and the TV, and surely you have shared them with someone as well.  I'm currently reading Don Miguel Ruiz' well known work The Four Agreements (if interested you can find it to the right on our Shelfari book shelf) and the third agreement is about always doing your best.  After digesting this shared wisdom, his words, meaning, and the truth behind this agreement, it produced instant change for me.  Often we get so caught up in what we can not control, and by doing so we lose sight of doing our best and the ability to accomplish and achieve our current task at hand.  However, when we slow the process down, and focus our efforts and energy on just doing our best, it is exactly the pause and lift we need.  For example, you know those moments when you continue to put something off that you know has to be done, consistently creating roadblocks for yourself that have done nothing other than create more suffering for???  This is a perfect time to try it out for yourself and shift your thought process from not what you don't want to do, or think you can't do, but just doing your best at it!

I can honestly and openly share with all those that can hear me that whatever it is I am putting out to you, I am putting in to me through action and purpose.  I have found through experiential learning, empirical observation, vicarious moments, and the tremendous opportunities I have received as a result, this has been my best and most available teacher.  These learning opportunities are my model, and exactly what I mean when I say "learning through the eyes of others."  So, if you can hear me, I know you are open and available to learning through my eyes, shaped and influenced by my personal, professional, academic, and the many other life learning experiences I have and will continue to gravitate towards. 

My only goal here is to empower and support those I walk with on this path of doing the right thing without thinking.  I am motivated by the opportunity to be (a part of the process of ) that helping hand, witnessing the change that comes from wanting to, believing you can, and committing to the work, in simpler terms Just Doing Your Best! May this find you all well, and until we meet again keep learning from today, so you can live in it tomorrow...

In the hills with the city of Los Angeles behind me, Can You Hear Me?

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