"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

April 5, 2012

Is It Time To Surrender?

April here we are, and as we embrace this period of rejuvenation I do hope that all those that can hear me are well.  Today, I am choosing to write about that space where we can just let it go.  I was asked to process this statement/question today.  Am I able to just surrender?  Am I able to put that part of me that has been my constant companion for so many years in its rightful place.  On that shelf where it has a home waiting, letting the rest take its course.  You see, when we surrender we don't forget the experience of, we just move closer to not allowing it to control our actions and intention in a unhealthy way.  As I have written many times before, this thing we call life is the ultimate learning opportunity.  We have the most available choice right in front of us, and its up to us to be able to take the next step.  Of course its not always an easy process.  First, we must understand what it is we are surrendering to?  We must then be able to see how its influence effects our being.  You are now allowed to ask yourself, is this influence good for me?  Is this influence allowing you to walk forward in a healthy and peaceful manner?  If it is not, then you have the answer you need to hear, and now you can move forward, you are on the right path.  I am so inspired by the continued process of learning from being a work in progress.  The opportunities to better ourselves, to grow, and to be available and present for others is endless.  When you get there you don't have to ask anymore, you will know. 

So, if you find yourself thinking often about what you can not change, and you know that it's not doing you any good to keep around...  If your thoughts allow you to go to that place where you can see the door, and you now have figured out a way to open it...  It is here where you are allowed to go forward, it's okay you have nothing to fear, you are ready, it's time.  May this new season bring you a renewed sense of hopeful optimism, it's right there, right in front of you.  Until we meet again, stay strong, stand up and stay up!

Can You Hear Me?

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