"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

February 1, 2012

What They Call It

The hump day...  We all know its the day that's in the middle of the work week right?  As if it refers to our weekly "work" life as such a trying endeavor to deserve this connotation.  I'm not seeing it that way and will choose to just call it Wednesday!  We have an opportunity to be mindful of the expectations that our culture and others put out there.  If we believe that we will be humping through the day as if it is going to be filled with discomfort, challenge, and many other factors associated with this attached energy, then guess what?  IT WILL BE A HUMP DAY! Any day can be this way, so I encourage all those that can hear me to create your own day, a day that will eliminate barriers while embracing all that comes your way, no matter how negative it may appear!

So, I'm in the middle of finishing up one read (Influencer) and 4 chapters into another (Outliers), more info can be found on both books at the Shelfari site to the right.  The Influencer is laid out like a training text, one that shows the reader how to access the power to change anything through our vital behaviors, motivation and ability. I have found the information to be both informative and practical, demonstrated by many real life examples and practices. I have learned some great things that I will definitely store in my tool box, and I now have another reference to go to when needed.  Outliers on the other hand (from what I have read thus far) is a little different.  The content also uses real life examples but they are derived from one's (the author) observation, case study', scientific experiments, etc. that showcase the world of the Outliers, defined as those that are outside the normal structure, whose success is directly associated by the benefits received from opportunity, chance, hours of practice, and other factors that I have yet to read about.  One book is showing the reader how to be successful by changing the influences that are creating an outcome that is not desired, and the other book is showing what influences one's success.  I am immersed into two different learning examples, different in style and example, yet they are both teaching me, and showing the way towards another opportunity...

There is so much to learn out there, and wouldn't you know, its right there waiting for us.  This is what motivates and inspires me, enough so that I am going to continue to share with all those that can hear me.  Through my example, one that I know can benefit others, it is just another opportunity, as Maya Angelou so graciously states "when you get give, when you learn teach."  What I share may not register for everyone who reads the words, but as I have learned along the way if it reaches one, that's a good start , because that one may reach another, and then what...  There is no joke behind my passion to help others change for the better, I will keep planting the seed, one that is not motivated by fame or fortune, but the gifts one receives from being witness to a quality of life change for the better. I wish all those that can hear me a beautiful day, one that is filled with intention, purpose, and positive outcomes, one that you have created for yourself.  Until we meet again as always be strong, stand up, and stay up!

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