"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

February 22, 2012

Pro Bono Offer!

Hello to those that can hear me.  As I write with intention and purpose I hope this finds you all well!  I just finished up some social media/video outreach for Can You Hear Me?   I can now add web designer and video producer to the list of newly acquired skills.  By no means am I an expert, but I feel that I have mastered what I needed to in order to get the word out and that is progress, and there is nothing wrong with that...  Today I announced a Pro Bono offer to the market I am trying to reach.   I will come to them and share my story and the only thing that it will cost those that can hear me is their time.  If you are interested in this offer or you know any organizations (in the Greater Los Angeles area) who can benefit from this offer, you can find more information at http://www.canyouhearme.org/Contact-Us.html  or to see it in the video format you can watch it here http://youtu.be/0v0MInRzPxs

I am ready to share my story and look forward to all opportunities that will come my way.  I have written it, I have visualized it, and the only thing that remains is for me to be front and center and share it with those that can hear me.  I will keep you informed as I do, until then be strong out there, stand up and stay up!

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