"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

January 26, 2012

Social Media

Alright I felt the need to digress about the world of social media as a tool to share.  By now anyone who is reading this has some type of relationship with the way we as a world now communicate.  You know the examples: facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, and many many others.  When we sign up for these sites we as individuals have an idea of how we want to use them, at least at first we do.  Some may feel that if they don't use them at all they may be missing out on something, or at least that is the "word on the street" according to many.  Some like myself may be turned on to these sites as an opportunity to further expand and share their professional endeavors, and just the same the "word on the street" according to the business gurus is the same, if your business is not communicating via social media you are missing a great opportunity.  So, after several days of creating and exploring in this world as a business owner I have learned a few things...
I have learned that it is very challenging to stop going on to these sites, often thinking about what the next move is, who is looking at what you are putting out there, "oh one more thing."  I literally had to stop myself from being completely immersed, and it doesn't help that social media is available (and at your finger tips) on our mobile devices!  The lesson that I am learning is that I have to do a really good job of not being so attached to what I am doing, what I am not doing, who is doing, and many more thoughts that "we" can create for ourselves.  I am learning that it really is not healthy to be so involved here, let alone on anything where it can easily affect and effect our well-being.  The thing is I don't have a problem with this in my personal world, and the reason is I don't use many of these sites.  I am a private man (some would say), not an introvert per say, and thus I stick to the phone call, email, and text mode of operation.  However, can't be too private when your are promoting and marketing a business, nope doesn't work that way.  I understand this, and I have accepted it and embraced this opportunity.  I say "opportunity" because anytime you can step out of your comfort zone, you are learning and being exposed to something new.  When this happens we expand and grow.  Therefore, this is the deal and I have signed up for it!

Alright, I thank all of those that can hear me for allowing me to share my thoughts here.  I know I am not alone in this and for all that can relate I hope you are able to know when it is time to step away and breathe.  I have promised myself that no matter where my path in this venture takes me, I will not be so completely immersed into the world of social media where I stop living.  There are many successful business folk out there, and as successful as they are, many do not have a good quality of life as a result of the time they spend trying to be successful.  I choose to always have a good (healthy) quality of life while I continue to balance (remember that lesson) my professional world.  With out me there is no Can You Hear Me?  I must always remember what is the most important part here as I hope you all can as well.  Until we meet again, be strong out there, stand up, and stay up!

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