"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

January 4, 2012

Is It Worth It?

Alright here we are 2012, fresh and new.  Did you know that there is an extra day this year (366 of them)?  Yup it is the year of the leap and we are gifted with more time!  I write today with my mind and heart in a place that I visit from time to time.  That place that asks us Is it worth it? (am I motivated).  And if so Can I do it? (am I able).  I am sure that many of us have asked ourselves this, and as a result of have embraced the learning and challenge that comes with.  For myself the questioning alone presents a roadblock that quite honestly I have created.  It tells me that I am fighting the process, and by doing so I am hindering my ability, not my capability (remember that lesson?). This is easy to recognize if you have been there before (through experience and wisdom), it can take form as fear, self-doubt, and many other factors and insecurities that manifest themselves during the process. I am here to tell you that once you recognize and identify this happening, your opportunity to change the behavior will increase.  It's the difference between outcome and behavior. Most try to change the outcome by various methods, but often do not focus on the behavior(s), the one's that we can create when we go through that tug of war due to our wanting.

You with me?  Many professionals, writers, change agents, spiritual guides, etc. say that this internal struggle that comes from us "wanting" is an attachment that creates the suffering, and as a result of this the uncertainty of our wants really take over.  The want (and subsequent outcome) is what we struggle with and in turn we create for ourselves unnecessary challenges and obstacles.  Now its not that we should not have the wonderful things in life, no matter how you identify what that is, we can.  What I am saying is that you just have to do a little surrendering and let things take there course as they may.  As someone once told me, "you must be vulnerable in order for the true experience to present itself." Life is as much a blank canvas as it is a complex road map, and it is our opportunity to find the right way, the one that will allow us the ability and opportunity to do the right thing. 2012 is going to be whatever you make it to be.  It will always be filled with opportunities to grow and move forward, amongst the challenges and roadblocks that you must embrace along the way. Remember what it is you are asking of yourself, recognizing that no choice is also a choice!  When you take this approach the path will open up, you will move much closer to answering the questions, Is it worth it? (am I motivated) Can I do it? (am I able).  As always keep your head up while knowing that tomorrow is a blank page, an opportunity to keep adding to that work in progress!

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