"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

January 24, 2012

Finding The Balance

Glad to be back and sharing some some words while I continue to move forward on this path I am on.  I find myself thinking today about the needed balance for us to be well, while we find ourselves immersed in to the needs of our personal and professional worlds.  This is the kind of balance that helps us stay on track, allowing for positive choices and outcomes.  As straightforward as it sounds it is often a very challenging task to accomplish, and more importantly maintain.  Sometimes, it is not until we are at that heightened level, one filled with a high level of stress and challenge that we find ourselves saying "whoa slow down, step back and reevaluate."   I found myself right there over the last couple of days...

I have been busy working on my business, lately the focus has been on our marketing and advertising campaign, which has had me immersed into the social media world, and what a world it is.  This task not only takes time but a real focus because once you put it out there, it is out for all to see, and for myself I want to make sure that our message is understood while representing our goals and objectives. So, as I found my mind consumed with this, I was also dealing with a personal matter with a friend who is not well.  This is a friend who I care about deeply, one that I want to support and see get to a better place for himself.  However, this friend has been on a destructive path for quite some time now, not being able to take action to change some ways and get the help he needs so that he can change for the better. I had to make a choice by setting some boundaries and distancing myself because his interaction was effecting me in a unhealthy way.  This was a hard thing to do as I want to be available and present for him, but it is at that point where I must back away, only hoping that he can take control of himself and current situation.  The only way that I could reclaim my balance was by setting a boundary, and as difficult as that was for me to do it was the healthiest and right decision.

So, there is a good example of balancing the personal and professional worlds.  It has been a challenge for me over the last few, the personal challenge of dealing with a friend in need was on my mind, and I was seeing how it was effecting my action and focus with my work.  I was not operating at my best because my mind was not where it should of been and my balance was off.  I was able to identify this, recognizing why I was experiencing this discomfort and challenge, knowing that I needed to reclaim my balance.  Without my balance, where I could take action to be well and present, I was destined to fall backwards, a place that we are all susceptible of going to when we are taxed.  I hope my example can help those who can hear me?  We all have to balance much in our day in and day out existence, and as always its a learning process, one where we must recognize the signs, take action, and embrace that we are doing the right thing, even when it comes with challenge. We are a resilient being, at times more than we care to believe.  May this find you all well and may the days ahead allow you to breathe and exhale, while finding your own balance when needed!

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