"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

August 8, 2013

Do Your Work...

by Daniel Jacob, MSW: Founder of Can You Hear Me?

What does that mean?  It means something different for each and everyone who is reading this.  What I can share is why I chose to use this message this week, and hopefully by the time you are done reading this, it will have allowed for another opportunity to help you help yourself.  Do Your Work, yeah I've heard that before and I sure needed to hear it again this week...

As I transitioned from the weekend to the beginning of another week, I knew I was going to have much work to tend to.  I did my best to be aware of this, recognizing what was happening while putting my best foot forward to manage my needs and self-care.  You see, the act of work for me (deadlines, waiting on others, my expectation being challenged) was creating (or let me say I was creating) a level of stress and pressure that was impacting me in a manner I was not embracing well, Do Your Work.  I  found myself creating more out of something that I knew was not going to treat me well.  I lost sight of the acceptance I needed to have, understanding that everything was going to get done, not a matter of if, but when...  

Do Your Work in this case was about my commitment to the most important work out there, my self work.  Do Your Work was my most faithful companion this past week, a constant reminder that even though I was feeling like...  I did not stop the process of working towards progress.  I was right there in the midst of my challenge, but I never lost sight of my need to take care of myself.  We must always recognize that stress is unavoidable and if we have the right tools and resilience to keep fighting while we are immersed into it, then the ability to cope, manage and recover from it will help us move forward! 

May the words of the week find all of  those that can hear me available to digest, learn from, and embrace the resilient being that you are.  I am with you on this, and If I can be the one to showcase my own vulnerability in order to create an opportunity for you, well then, I guess I'm doing exactly what I should (and need to) be!  Until our paths cross again, as always may this find you breathing well out there...    

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