"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

July 31, 2012

So Easy...

"The longest journey of any person is the journey inward."
~Dag Hammerskjvld

When you allow yourself to focus on what you don't have it can completely alter your focus, direction, and ability to breathe.  It's a natural process at times, those moments when our desire for that opportunity that we feel is the destination is our only thought.  It is so easy.  So, when you find yourself in this moment, I challenge all of those that can hear me to embrace it like this; "Don't worry, just breathe. If it's meant to be, it will find it's way." Furthermore, when you pause and recognize that you are doing something great, with intention and purpose, you will snap out of what you feel you may lack, and see all the wonderful within you.  I write about this today because I have spent the last several hours doing some fact finding, research if you would, and by doing so there is so much of an opportunity to move into this space.  There are so many examples of others doing, sharing, and speaking to similar goals and opportunities that you may feel you need.  So, I found myself thinking about how this can alter your direction, leading you towards thoughts of what you are not doing, instead of focusing on what you are, what you have, and what I hope you will continue to strive for.  

It is so easy to feel as though all of your efforts are for...  When you come to task day in and day out and you ask yourself "am I making a difference?" or "am I good enough to be in this position?"  We are often judging ourselves by comparison and being harder on oneself than needs to be.  It is fair to say that when we are searching for something more, or that some thing that we feel will validate our efforts, passion, and ability (and capability) we allow this influence to come around more.   However, when you reflect, contemplate, and move into an awareness that allows you to snap out of it, you return to where you need to be.  That place has you well, one that I know will show the way.  Be patient out there, always trust the process and remember to take care of yourself.  When you are not well, it is so easy to stay down, and when you are in this space you really feel as though there is no way out.  Until we meet again keep your head up and heart open, you will see...

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