"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

July 23, 2012

Life Is Alright!

Good Day!  Yes that is what I am saying, today is yours to create.  It's been a few since I have written, I didn't want to over think the process so I chose to keep moving, with the idea that when I had something to say I would know.  I have been given a great opportunity here, one that I take seriously, with one goal in mind; Helping Others Change for the Better!  Therefore, my writing must have meaning, a message that others can embrace and relate to so that they can see that opening for themselves.  Today, like many of you I am beginning another week, one that will provide me with certain outcomes that I can predict, and others that I may just not see coming.  Either way I'm right here, present and available to meet any and all opportunities that come my way.  I say opportunities because no matter what the situation may hold, there is learning to be gained, and  if I am available and present to receive it, I know I will move forward with purpose and intention.

Just the other day I had the opportunity to connect with some old friends that I have known for more than three decades now. When you go back that far with others there is likely going to be some experiences that will have shaped and influenced you in a manner that is both challenging and empowering.  When I reflect on all that has transpired since those days when we first connected, I am inspired.   I am inspired because what I didn't know then, I surely have figured it out now, and by doing so I am living.  You see when you go through life and you have met some challenging moments, you have certain outcomes that await.  Outcomes that will provide you with some pain and suffering, but hopefully will also lead you to discovery that is truly life transforming.  In my case that is what has happened.  It happened because I refused to give up.  I refused to stop fighting for the quality of life that I knew was possible, and most importantly the one that I knew I deserved to have.  I challenge all those that can hear me to keep fighting, keep moving, and keep trusting the process.  The life you are living is wonderful.  If you choose to see it otherwise, than all that you are gaining here is an inability to move forward.  As you move into the days ahead, focus on what you have, focus on what you can control, and what you can not, either take action to move through it, or accept the outcomes that will do nothing other than create more pain and suffering.  It's that matter of fact, and when we choose to complicate the matter the only one that suffers here is...

Be well out there, I am available and present to help you help yourself.  When you get there you will know.  Until we meet again may you continue to walk with your head up and heart open!

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