"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

July 4, 2013

Opportunity: Where is Yours?

by Daniel Jacob, MSW: Founder of Can You Hear Me?

*As this was a short week I have decided to bring back a post that I originally shared earlier in the year.  The message (and meaning within my words) is relevant as the holiday brings us our own opportunity to...  Happy 4th of July to all those that Can Hear Me!

If you have been following my community of support you will have noticed that opportunity is something that I often speak to.  There are various definitions of this term, translated through language, culture and experience.  The interpretation is represented by words such as: chance, circumstance, outcome, commitment and even risk.  Opportunity is thus a viable asset in a world that presents it on an often basis...  

As with everything that I share, there is thought and meaning within its context, and as long as you are available to see it, my hope is that you will receive your own opportunity.  So think of my words as a way to slow you down, having you focus on the opposite of what you may be spending too much time (and energy) avoiding and resisting.  It is in this space that the greatest of opportunity resides, Can You Hear Me?

My writing usually begins as I reflect on the week that has transpired.  As I process what I have been witness to and the learning that it has produced, my ideas start to appear and the sharing is put into motion.  What I avoid if possible are just a bunch of facts that fill space, or the kind of content that leaves the reader with no clear understanding as it relates to their own path.  My writing strives to have you in thought, giving pause to digest, reflect and embrace.  You see, in the reality of the world we live in there is just too much to possibly digest, and thus we become selective as to what we choose to hear.  Furthermore, if you are unavailable because you just can not take any more information in, you won't and I'm not trying to put anything out that does not reach you.  So, as my fingers hit the keys I find myself tapping into where my fellow helping professionals in need may be...  The one's who spend the majority of their time giving opportunity to those in need that they often have very little left to give to their own...

This past week was a very productive one for Can You Hear Me? as I was able to collaborate, connect and support in a positive manner.  By doing such, my circumstances found me engaged, inspired and motivated.  My mission was intact while reinforcing that my Tao is exactly where it should be.  The lesson here is that I am no where to be found if I am unable to do the work (not the 9 to 5 kind!), trust the process and be patient with it all.  Therefore, the opportunity only becomes a tangible outcome when you are in that place and space that has you well and available to hear...

As you move forward and toward in this week ahead, striving to reach and teach please be mindful of your own needs, while paying close attention to what matters most.  When your focus is here the opportunity for you to have more will increase, and you won't have to expend too much extra effort asking yourself, "opportunity, where is mine?"  There is learning in all we do and the door will most likely remain open if you are available to see it, what you choose to do from here will be up to...  Until we meet again may this find you well with your head up and heart open!

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Founder of Can You Hear Me? External Field Instructor at University of Southern California School of Social Work MSW@USC. Daniel has a Masters in Social Work (Families and Children Practice/School Social Work). He is currently nearing the completion of the LCSW testing process. 
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