"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

September 28, 2012

I Just Couldn’t Embrace It...

Glad to back with the keys as I breathe into another entry.  As I often do I allow the inspiration for my posts to come to me, versus me over thinking what I could or should write about, or just trying too hard to force something out.  With that being said my words today were inspired by a recent article that I came across.  It is the story of an athlete at the end of his athletic journey, but more than that, it is a story about the beginning of a far more important journey for this man.  Here is the back story http://ow.ly/e51NA and where I found the influence for this piece today.

We all have a story, whether or not it is shared in a manner that showcases the truth, well that's a whole other matter.  Often, the story that has challenged us (or caused us enough suffering and pain to limit us) doesn't always speak to the public, but it is one that we continue to repeat and re-tell to ourselves.  It can be repressed, suppressed, and buried so deep in that space and place that it takes on an energy of its own.  These kind of stories can put us in a vulnerable spot, where the likely outcomes for us are pain, fear, and the internal process that keeps it within.  So, when I hear about a story that has finally come to the surface, ready to be shared as told through the eyes of the one that has lived through it, I am inspired and empowered.  I am touched deep within because I can empathize and relate.  I can clearly identify with the experience of holding something in, similar but different it speaks to me from a familiar place.  I understand how it may feel to hold on to something that has had such an impact and influence on your movement through life.  I can embrace the thought process that tells one that it will be more difficult to to deal with it, then work on it.  What is the reaction going to be when it is shared?  You play it over and over and attempt to figure out what you really can not control, until you trust the process, and see that opening.

The stories that are born out of pain and suffering can have a tremendous impact on the quality of one' life  These stories don't always present themselves in the easiest manner, often coming to us full circle as we break down and open.  However, we are given a choice on how we want to live this life we are given.  How we want to use our story to not only help ourselves, but ultimately share with others in manner that supports, empowers, inspires, and everything else that goes into the ownership of our story.  I share many lessons within these words, and at times I may appear vague with my thoughts, but there is a purpose.  I write with the intention of producing reflection, thought, and the process that can ignite another to pause...  I write with my heart directly in line with the experiences that have shaped and influenced my path.  My story has taught me some valuable learning and insight and it is by choice that I share this with all those that can hear me. Therefore, it is not about what I am not willing to share.  At this stage in my life I am an open book, so if there is a question that needs to be asked, you can.  If there is a thought that needs to be released, you can. 

My hope for the man that inspired me today is that he embraces his journey in a manner that allows him to be witness to the quality of life that he deserves to live, the one that has been waiting patiently.  The work has just begun for him, it never stops, and it is by far the hardest of all.  However, there are clearly benefits that will be gained if he invests.  I hope you are able to receive these words today, but I am fully aware that you will when you are ready.  All I can do is open the door, the choice to walk through it will be up to you.  Until we meet again you be well to yourself, live it, love it, and work on it, because when you do there is nothing that you can not overcome!!!

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