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~ Maya Angelou

May 3, 2013

The Story...

by Daniel Jacob, MSW: Founder of Can You Hear Me?

One of the greatest opportunities available to all of us is the learning given through the eyes of another... This has, and will always be something that I gravitate towards as it continually inspires, empowers and supports the path that I choose to be on. Thinking about what I might want to share today, I reflected on the past few weeks, and the opportunities that have come my way. When I conceptualized Can You Hear Me?  I knew that my story had to be told as it has been such a strong influence and driving force in all that I strive to share through experience that facilitates learning, encourages risk and supports struggle. With that being said it's not such an easy task to get your story told, or to have the availability from others to share it. However, I've kept at it, continuing to put it out there and I am very pleased to see my story begin to unfold!

I've kept my story to myself for so many years, for reasons that I believe kept it safe and protected. A part of me felt that perhaps it wouldn't be heard, or I just didn't know how to tell it.   Another factor was that I needed to continue to grow and develop while doing the necessary work in order to be able to begin to share. The story is yet from over and I often reflect on just that with excitement and optimism.  If you have been following my blog than you may have picked up on how transformational, intense and challenging the last chapter has been for me.  As they say, the greatest learning does indeed come from overcoming, and with that I have been given a great opportunity, one that has presented a truly amazing learning experience as a result.

I am hopeful that my story will allow those I am striving to reach their own opportunity. I hope that my example can be a model to anyone out there that feels that their story is not one worth sharing, because it is, but only if you believe in it!  What I have come to understand in this process is that you are not given a platform, you must create one, and by chance if you are lucky enough to be given one, I hope you use it wisely with intention and purpose.  As I see my story spread I am mindful of the path I've been on, and I am hopeful that it will continue to gain momentum as it moves closer towards reaching those in need.

In my last post Why, What, and Who? I mentioned that I would be sharing a recent interview I was involved with once it was completed. It has arrived and I am thankful for being given an additional platform to share a part of my history that further shares my story. I want to personally thank Victoria Brewster MSW - SJS Staff Writer for reaching out to me, while facilitating my words into a format that I truly hope opens a door for someone in the helping profession who is searching for the kind of support that Can You Hear Me? represents and strives to provide!  Here is the complete interview.

Before I end for the day and encourage you to move into your own needs I wanted to share that I will be featured on a Live Twitter Chat on Monday, May 6th at 8:00pm EST discussing self-care and burnout.  If you are part of the Twitter platform and are available to join I would welcome the opportunity to engage, share and provide further support on these very important topics. You can follow Can You Hear Me? on Twitter here as I welcome available followers.

As always the opportunity that I find myself invested and immersed into is one that continually presents me with nothing but gratitude. When I write I'm inspired by the possibility of reaching someone in need, and thus the process continues...

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Founder of Can You Hear Me? External Field Instructor at University of Southern California School of Social Work MSW@USC. Daniel has a Masters in Social Work (Families and Children Practice/School Social Work). He is currently nearing the completion of the LCSW testing process.  
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