"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

February 14, 2013

Ready to Receive...

As I sat down to write my piece for the week I learned another valuable lesson, one that reinforces the theme for the day.  Let me share, do not get caught up in the social media forums prior to writing!  Some may need just that for inspiration, focus, and an opportunity to spark their creativity, for me not so much.  Another lesson learned, I must remember this!  With that being said, today I wanted to discuss our dear old friend Awareness, and by the example I just shared I am hoping that you can see that I had to use my own Awareness and step away from what was not supporting my best interests, while putting myself in that space and place to share, support, empower, and instruct.  I hope by now you have taken note to my friend Mr. Owl (above)I thought the message was appropriate while allowing for a teachable moment.  In the field (of helping others change for the better) where we strive to provide we need certain skill sets in order to reach and teach in an effective manner.  The ability to be aware of not only yourself, but your surroundings is crucial.  Therefore, what you see (and how you interpret it) while how you present yourself is the Awareness that I'm speaking to...

The Owl's message points out an observation that I have often been witness to in the field, perhaps you have as well.  The example of when one is more concerned with being right, being heard for all of the wrong reasons, and is not always objective in their assessment.  This is what we see, how they look.  When you are aware of a scenario like this, you learn not only about yourself, but how you can choose to practice and model (towards your colleagues and clients).  Therefore, it is a necessary reminder (and an important one) to utilize your Awareness (self and environmental) in a manner that benefits YOU and those you are trying to reach.  This is not a difficult request to ask of yourself, if you are available to hear it. The difficulty resides when we create obstacles, suppress, or just haven't fully dealt with what is preventing our awareness from being present...
Often, when I am working with students I challenge them with this process, helping them explore their intention by having them see what they do not always recognize, understand, or choose to explore.  "Where are you at when this happening? or "What are you seeing when you observe your client act out? These type of questions are suitable for any and all in the field to use as a way to check-in with themselves or use as a teachable moment.  They may seem elementary to some, but what I say to that is keep working on your craft, a lesson learned prior is not always a lesson practiced in the present!

As always thank you for allowing me another opportunity to give, while I receive. As you transition into the end of your week, keep adding to your bucket while you work towards progress. When you do just that you will move yourself closer towards being empowered, and more than likely you will model this intention to those in need you are trying to reach upon your return.  Head up and heart open!

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