"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

January 17, 2011

Inspired But Tired

You know sometimes the mind runs without consulting the rest of the machine.  I often find myself being inspired by the lessons of life that I have traveled through, complimented by the many learning opportunities that are always around me in this thing we call life.  However, this inspiration can be so intense that the mind just keeps running, reliving the stories that have shaped you, taught you, and ultimately made you so aware of the world and its surroundings.  Although its emotionally powerful to relive it, as a result often wonderful growth and awareness are produced.  If you can relate than perhaps you understand these moments and how they can keep you up at night, and not in a detrimental damaging way (other than not sleeping), but a way that motivates, inspires, and peaks the dreams and goals that you have been holding on to for years.  I have these moments and now having the opportunity to put my words down and out for others to see, feel, and hear I now believe that intensity has a healthy outlet.   An outlet that I hope will lead to an opportunity for myself to really utilize the passion, skills, and true desire that I have to help others help themselves change for the better.

The many work opportunities and life experiences that I have been fortunate to have experienced over many years have taught me well.  However, like many I have felt that my full potential has not been seen in the many stops I have made in the workforce, and if anything I really haven't even started.  I understand that you just don't arrive after a college degree, training program, years in the field, etc.  Sometimes and often you can't put a time frame on opportunity even when you know you have much to give.  You must be patient and trust the process with the understanding that you will get there, you just have to be patient.  So take my example.

Many of us know the stressors associated with working in work environments that don't always encourage the employee to see the human spirit and help others help themselves.  Often, no matter how they spin it, the bottom line is what is important.  The competitiveness associated with chasing success doesn't always take in to account the negative outcomes it produces.  I understand that many see success in a way that benefits themselves.  Unfortunately, often this path is met with ill intention or influenced by outside variables that are disconnected, versus the compassion and love within by doing the right thing.  I get it...  However, it is not something that I have enjoyed being a part of, or I have felt will lead to positive outcomes, ones that can inspire others to change for the better.  Perhaps you may feel that I am living in a false world of hope. I don't see it that way as often the opposite of hopeful is helpless, and no matter how you see the world we are living in as of today their are many that are helpless, and not because they don't have a job you dig? I will leave you with that one to ponder, until we meet again breathe well...

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