"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

February 7, 2014


by Daniel Jacob, MSW: Founder of Can You Hear Me?

Hope...  You may have heard it before as it is the message that we hold on to in times of need.  It is surrounded by feelings, expectation, and often that desired outcome we convince ourselves we must have.  As I recognize another opportunity to share, I am filled with inspiration as I choose to model it forward.  Hope...

As we move into February, we are moving...  Whether it is in the direction of choice, we always have a say in the matter.  Yes, at times difficulty will arrive as when we just can't shake that "something" that seems to have a hold on us.  It is exactly this example of challenge that has my thoughts processing today with Hope...  

As helping professionals we often have the insight and a level of awareness as it applies to behavior, psychosocial stressors, risk factors and all those intangible forces that impact and effect one's well-beingWe are not protected from feeling (and taking on) these certain factors just because we are the helpers.  Therefore, it will always be important to recognize that we can be as exposed and vulnerable to these forces just like those we strive to reach and support.  Hope...

Imagine one of those moments when you just can not seem to remove that worry of what is yet to happen.  Whether it's a client's current status that is weighing you down, a pending meeting that revolves around uncertainty, or a personal challenge that you just can't seem to breakthrough...  If you are not well, meaning YOU are in that place of heightened worry and stress and you are not taking action/practice to facilitate change for the better, you will most definitely be suffering.  Now imagine you are taking healthy/positive measures to manage and cope with these areas of challenge, and you are still not feeling right...  What are you going to do?  Would you stop taking care of your needs?  Are you going to turn to unhealthy and negative coping mechanisms?

Now that I have you in thought there is a message waiting for you... The process of being well will need you to be patient with some Hope by your side.  You see, just because your practicing self-care and doing the necessary work, you are by no means removed from feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated and the gamut of emotions that are available for us all.  What it does mean though is that with practice in place you will be able to manage, cope and recover in a much more healthy and supportive manner.  You've heard me say it before "trust the process, change takes time."  If you are a non-believer, please feel free to experiment with this model.  The next time you find yourself consumed (and in the place and space that does not have you well) don't take care of yourself, do the opposite as you numb and suppress... At this point ask yourself, how am I feeling right here right now?

May my words today find you with some perspective, and another opportunity to help you help yourself (or someone in your circle who is in need).  Remember, hope is friends with resilience, but neither of them show up without effort and trust.  I am confident that what I've shared today is "truth" and "valid" as I have lived the example, and it only took a breakdown to produce a breakthrough.  Hope...

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Daniel Jacob, MSW
Founder of Can You Hear Me? External Field Instructor at University of Southern California School of Social Work MSW@USC.  Daniel has a Masters in Social Work (Families and Children Practice/School Social Work).  He is currently nearing the completion of the LCSW testing process as he continues to work towards progress!  More about the man behind the mission⇢

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