"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

November 2, 2012

Do You See What I Do?

Good day to all those that can hear me!  Today, my words are inspired from a place of honesty, integrity, and the passion that fuels Can You Hear Me?  When I created CYHM? it was born out of having that clarity, insight, and availability that I needed in order to see my opportunity. It was influenced by many experiences that I had traveled through professionally, personally, academically, and of course the lessons that life always provides. Therefore, when I envisioned my mission, purpose, and overall vision, it made complete sense to me.  However, there is this process that takes place when you put your creation out there, for all to see, dissect, interpret (or misinterpret), and all that one could possibly overthink.  I have done my best to not go to that place of uncertainty or the unknown, you know, thinking about what I can not control.  I have learned much along the way, and that in itself has added great learning, growth, and development for me. I can definitely say that I have been all in, trusting the process.  So, today I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts, vision, and mission as it pertains to what I see for Can You Hear Me?

"Our mission is to empower, support, and instruct those who strive to help others change for the better, while enhancing our client's delivery of services in a positive, effective, and sustainable manner."  As you might of guessed these bold words are the CYHM? mission statementLet me now take an opportunity here to break this statement down:

What is it that we are striving to do?  Empower, Support, and Instruct.  Who are we targeting? Helping Professionals.  Who exactly are they? The professionals that strive to help those in need/at-risk (whether they identify with this or not) change for the better.   Here are some examples: Counselors, Teachers, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Case Managers, Medical Professionals, Psychologists, MSW/MA/MFT Students, Parole Officers, Interventionists, and to those that I did not mention, no need to feel slighted, I hear you!  Here is the Helping Professionals Model for further clarification.  What outcomes do we see with our services to this population of professionals?  Enhancing their services in a Positive, Effective, and Sustainable manner.  My goal is to support those in the field!  I want to be part of the solution (and their support system)! I want my clients to feel validated and heard.  I want to effectively instruct and guide, evaluate and assess, and support their needs in a manner that will help them help themselves.  With that being said, when you come for service, you will be in need, and most likely in a vulnerable place.  Let it be known that this is where we will start, and when I assist and support those in need, the process begins and the opening towards change will be set in motion.  This is a process that I get, primarily because I have gone through it myself...

Do You See What I Do? 
In order to even begin to trust the process of changing for the better, I had to let go of my pride, resistance, and avoidance of what I truly knew was pulling me further and farther from my life's work!  What does that mean?  When you are in the profession of helping others change for the better, it is very difficult to recognize, act upon, and want to address some of those issues that are negatively impacting your well-being and profession...     

Listen up,  I am not in the business of giving false promises, but one thing I do know for sure is that when you address what needs attention and you want to start the process, believe you can change for the better, and commit to the necessary work, the quality of your life (personal and professional) will greatly change!  It is hard enough doing the work that we as helping professionals provide, this we know.  I was tired of seeing the stressed out, burnt out, and checked out professionals providing service right next to me with no direction towards positive change.  I was tired of being a part of a professional circle that stopped working on their craft, or when they were mandated to, often presented with negativity and complaints.  I was tired of being witness to the professional that did not practice what they spoke to.  I was tired of being a part of a population that didn't quite no where to turn to for support, guidance and instruction.  I was tired of the resistance and avoidance that was being reinforced in a profession that should be all about changing for the better, in and out of the job site. This culture, energy, and exposure to these experiences were killing my spirit, and in turn it was killing me, but within this challenge I was given an opportunity, one that I am taking full advantage of with passion and drive!

Thank you for your time and availability, I appreciate it to the core.  I hope all those that can hear me have a better sense of what motivates, inspires, and empowers all that I put into Can You Hear Me?  Please be mindful that what I shared above is not a generalization of all those who strive to provide, there are many within the profession who are all about doing the right thing, and I recognize this and do not discount or dismiss their efforts and contribution to the field.  However, there is definitely a population out there that is well known, but often not addressed or supported. I'm going to speak to this, in a respectful and supportive manner.  As you move into your weekend may you be well to yourself, embrace what is important, and what is not, well you know what to do!


  1. I enjoy reading your reflections.
    I commend you for living your truth and truly appreciate the mission of Can You Hear Me? We in the helping professions must continually nurture ourselves and each other; it is a critical process we must be open to in order to be effective change agents of empowerment and this will help us remain solution-oriented.


    1. Hi Susan. Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comments. It is very rewarding when I receive outreach from our followers who take the time to digest, reflect, and pay it back. You have added to my bucket, something I appreciate as I continue to embrace the idea that what I am putting out there is being heard! May this find you well.

      Daniel Jacob