"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking."
~ Maya Angelou

December 28, 2012

Stay With It!

Alright, the last post of 2012 it is. What a great year it has been, as I have been afforded opportunity, growth, and the learning that only presents itself when one is patient, persistent, and resilient.  Like many of you I am sure, the last week has been spent with family and friends, embracing the moment while reflecting on the past, looking forward to the future, and hopefully staying with it all.  Often, at the closing of one year we find ourselves in that place that has one self-evaluating, going through that thought process that hopes, aspires, and...  It may be happening on a conscious level or not, but one thing remains to be true, it is there.  So, when I say stay with it, I am defining the process that allows you to accept where you are at while continuing to work towards progress.  If this means working towards future goals and outcomes that is it, but it also can apply if you are avoiding and resisting what has yet to come.  Therefore, wherever you find yourself, you have a choice, one that can lead to change if you...

A common theme in many of my writings is pointing out what is not too difficult to see if you are available to it.  Often though, when we can't see it we tend to convince ourselves that all is good, no need to be concerned.  This process can be demonstrated by what one knows (think in terms of needed change) and how different this is than what one understands.  I often break it down like this, when you "know" something you most often are avoiding and resisting what is affecting your life in a unhealthy and negative manner.  When you "understand" you are most likely taking action towards addressing what the problem area is, and it is this process that leads you towards change for the better.  As a helping professional you are trained to help someone in need help themselves out of the difficulties and challenges that present themselves.  Being immersed into this type of work, and the process of (which includes much), can be overwhelming, consuming, and...  Thus, at the end of the day we can easily find ourselves with no more to give.  When this happens usually we are the ones who suffer the most and this is what impacts our personal and professional self.  At the end of the year, a time when we see a break from work, often we are so ready to have some time off that we crash out and don't always take care of our needs in a manner that helps us help ourselves.  What I aspire to demonstrate is that through support, awareness, and the required effort to work on your own needs you can stay with it, in and out of your role as a helping professional.  Remember, it is OK to be vulnerable, to accept where you are at, and get the necessary help and support!

So, as I close down the year I look forward to adding to my foundation at Can You Hear Me?  One that will continue to empower and support, teach and reach, while helping you help yourself.  Changing for the better (whatever this means for you) is a journey, one that demands a certain level of attention, determination, and effort that will not settle for anything less than your whole self!  I hope these words and thoughts resonate with you, especially if you find yourself at the crossroads.  There are many in the profession who work and live with internal suffering, often wondering when, how, and where they will fall. I hope that I have given you some pause in order to take the necessary steps, because if you are able to see it, then the support, guidance, and help is exactly where it needs to be, the next move is yours.  May all those that can hear me have a safe and healthy one, while continuing to walk with your head up and heart open.  I look forward to what awaits in 2013! 

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